Encounters with people and ingredients

There are many farmers in Okinawa who nurture wonderful ingredients with passion and hard work. Their attitude is the root of Okinawa's food culture.
Encountering seasonal ingredients and the customers who visit here.
Grateful for all these encounters, we create unique dishes by fusing the unique food culture rooted in Okinawa's climate with French cuisine.
Enjoy a new Okinawan dining experience inspired by communication with our guests.




A space to indulge your sense of taste

A spacious area with a view of the sunset in each of the four seasons. After sunset, this is a serene space where pleasant music and conversation quietly resonate. Enjoy dining on the terrace when the weather is pleasant.




Blessings of Okinawa

YUMIHA OKINAWA's cuisine is supported by unique ingredients nurtured from the passion of farmers. Fishermen have pursued the best way to catch fish, and Okinawa's unique and colorful fish are now supplied at a much higher level of freshness. After years of research and diligent efforts to ensure stable growth, the acerola has become a specialty of Okinawa. The tireless research efforts to improve the taste of aged cattle, which had been considered unsuitable for meat. The wisdom of our ancestors and the profound Okinawan ingredients that come from the subtropical climate and mineral-rich soil are expressed on the plate as a dish.


〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉の料理は、生産者の方々の情熱から育まれた個性豊かな食材に支えられています。漁師の方々が締め方を追求し、鮮度を格段に上げた沖縄独自のカラフルな魚たち。安定的な生育の研究と地道な努力の末に、沖縄の特産品となったアセローラ。食肉には向かないとされてきた経産牛(出産を経験した雌牛)の味を向上させるための飽くなき研究努力。先人からの知恵と、亜熱帯の気候やミネラル豊富な土壌から生まれる奥深い沖縄の食材の数々を皿の上に表現し、伝えていきます。


A quiet morning

A colorful Ojyu-style breakfast (Ojyu is a box used to hold food on festive occasions. The stacking of boxes is likened to "piling up good fortune" and is said to bring good luck.), richly prepared with Okinawan ingredients, is served in your room. Enjoy your special breakfast time in your own private space while overlooking the deep green Yanbaru of Okinawa from your villa window and listening to the beautiful birds chirping.


沖縄の食材をふんだんに使用した彩り鮮やかなお重スタイルの朝食をお部屋にて提供しております。窓から は沖縄の深い緑のヤンバル。美しい小鳥のさえずりを聴きながら皆様だけの特別な朝食時間をお過ごしください。


SPECIAL CUISINELuxurious moments

We welcome you to YUMIHA OKINAWA's unique hospitality with a dinner based on Ryukyuan ingredients and French cuisine. Wine from home and abroad, and a variety of Okinawa's specialty Awamori. Please enjoy the pairing of Ryukyuan French cuisine and our selections of drink.