LOCATIONIn a quiet forest

Onna Village, a popular resort known for its numerous scenic spots such as Manzamo and Cape Maeda. At the foot of the ruins of Yamada Castle, a national historic site located at the end of a hilly ridge less than 1 km from the beach, is a quiet forest that interrupts the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautiful moon that has illuminated this forest since ancient times and in the night sky that even the great monarchs of Ryukyu's history must have looked up at. Here, you will have a special time to surrender your body and soul to the heartbeat of the mountain fields.




The name "YUMIHA" is derived from the beautiful moon that illuminates this place. "Yumihari" is another name for the upper and lower moons. The ancient people would have spent time at luxury in the quiet forest, looking up at the night sky and enjoying the transitions of the moon. We hope that guests staying at YUMIHA OKINAWA will do the same and spend their time enjoying nature and the night sky.

弓張(ゆみはり)は、「上弦の月、下弦の月」の異名。平家物語に記される半月を弓にたとえたこの言葉は、刻一刻と流れる時の経過と、悠久に輝くことの不変、そのどちらにもつながると考えます。時と共に、また時を越えるような「もてなし」の在り方。その想いをこの地を照らす美しい月の姿になぞらえて、〈 YUMIHA ユミハ 〉という名に込めました。

Stars & Moon
Sky & Sun
Flowers & Scents


The scenery of Onna-son has a completely different face at night and day. At night, countless stars twinkle like jewels and you can enjoy the romantic moonlight. In the daytime, the strong sunlight and the clear blue sky lighten your heart. Even though the climate is mild throughout the year, the sight of flowers reminds us of the season. The sweet scent of shell gingers heralds spring, and the beginning of early summer is when the bright red blossoms of daylilies appear. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place will make you feel like you are in the middle of nature.




SERVICEOur hospitality

During your stay at YUMIHA OKINAWA, we will accommodate your special requests to make your trip even more memorable. Whether you want to enjoy forest bathing, experience the unique gastronomy of Okinawa, learn about the best places to visit, or spend your own time in your villa. Tell us your need. We are here to help you to spend your time the way you desire, and to keep you smiling during and after your stay with us.


〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉でのご滞在中は、旅がより印象深くなりますよう、特別なリクエストにもお応えいたします。森林浴を存分に楽しみたい、島ならではの美味を堪能したい、とっておきの穴場スポットを知りたい、部屋で優雅に自分たちだけの時間を過ごしたい。お客様の想う過ごし方に寄り添い、笑顔になっていただけるお手伝いをさせていただきます。


STAYStay to regain your true self

Staying at YUMIHA OKINAWA, you will feel the breath of the forest and the breeze from the azure ocean will stimulate your senses. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this is a place where you can retreat your body and soul in the midst of nature. You will regain your true self.


〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉での滞在は森の息吹を感じ、紺碧の海からの風が五感を刺激します。自然の中で、日々の喧騒から離れて心身のリトリートを感じられる場所。「本来の自分」を取り戻せるでしょう。


AMENITYCoexisting with Nature

We are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable practices to protect Okinawa's rich natural environment. In an effort to reduce the use of disposable plastics, we use items made from natural materials as much as possible in our amenities, such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes. For bath items, we offer items that make use of plant-derived ingredients to create a quality time for healing the body and mind.


沖縄の豊かな自然をいつまでも残せるように、〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉では環境に配慮したサステナブルな取り組みを推進しています。使い捨てプラスチックの使用量削減に向けて、歯ブラシやヘアブラシなどのアメニティ類はできるだけ自然素材を用いたアイテムで揃えています。バスアイテムには、植物由来成分を生かしたアイテムをご用意し、心身を癒す上質な時間を演出します。


The reception and restaurant are decorated in modern natural marble tones, and are a comfortable place to relax and unwind after a long day of travel. The swimming pool for the exclusive use of guests can be used as many times as you wish during your stay.


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