The name "YUMIHA" is derived from the beautiful moon that illuminates this place. "Yumihari" is another name for the upper and lower moons. The ancient people would have spent time at luxury in the quiet forest, looking up at the night sky and enjoying the transitions of the moon. We hope that guests staying at YUMIHA OKINAWA will do the same and spend their time enjoying nature and the night sky.

「上弦の月、下弦の月」の異名「ゆみはり」。平家物語に記される半月を弓にたとえたこの言葉は、刻一刻と流れる時の経過と、悠久に輝くことの不変、そのどちらにもつながると考えます。時と共に、また時を越えるような「もてなし」の在り方。その想いを、この地を照らす美しい月の姿になぞらえて、〈 YUMIHA ユミハ 〉という名に込めました。


Yambaru Forest

Onna-son in Okinawa, is one of the most popular resort areas in Japan. Yumiha Okinawa is located in the forest of the Yamada Castle ruins in the mountainous landscape of the northern part of Onna-son. The flowers are fragrant and the time passes slowly, the sky is clear and azure, and the sun is shining brightly. The twinkling of stars and moonlight faintly illuminating the dusk. A feeling of freedom and peace as you surrender to the heartbeat of the forest and release your soul. Experience the richness of an environment and space that blends with nature. The chef's enchanting dishes utilizing local ingredients. Here is a special time that not only meets the requests of each guest, but also invites them to a new experience.


沖縄県・恩納村。日本を代表するリゾートの北部に広がる山岳風景。その麓「ヤマダグスク(山田城跡)」の森に、スモール・ラグジュアリーホテル〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉が佇んでいます。花々が香るゆっくりとした時間の中、蒼く澄んだ空に煌めく眩い陽射し。夕闇を仄かに照らす星の瞬きと月明かり。森の鼓動に身を委ねることで生まれる、魂を解き放つように自由で満ち足りた感覚。自然と融合する環境と空間の豊かさ。シェフが描く地元食材を生かした魅惑の皿。ゲスト一人ひとりの想いに応えるだけでなく、新たなエクスペリエンスへと誘う珠玉のひとときがここにあります。


Encounters with people and ingredients

Encounters with guests visiting YUMIHA OKINAWA. Encounters with the seasonal ingredients of the moment. We are grateful for the encounters between guests and ingredients, and create unconventional cuisine that fuses the unique food culture rooted in Okinawa's climate with French cuisine.





Four types of villas, 17 rooms in total, are completely independent. The night is spent gazing at the starry sky all to yourself, intoxicated by the slow passing of time. The morning you wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining through the trees. A new day begins as you feel the wind blowing through Yanbaru. Spend your own special time in a spacious villa designed for your relaxation.




The area surrounding YUMIHA OKINAWA is rich in nature, surrounded by the forests of Yanbaru. Onna-son, located on the west coast of the central part of Okinawa's main island, is home to Cape Maeda, the blue cave sightseeing by scuba diving or snorkeling, and Manzamo, one of Okinawa's most scenic spots. Here we will introduce you to the beautiful scenery and activities that are unique to this area.

やんばるの森に包まれる自然豊かな〈 YUMIHA OKINAWA 〉の周辺。沖縄本島の中央部西海岸に位置する「恩納村」には、青の洞窟で有名な「真栄田岬」、沖縄屈指の景勝地「万座毛」があります。この地ならではの美しい風景、そしてアクティビティなどをご紹介します。


○ By car
Approximately 60 minutes by car from Naha Airport
(Exit at Ishikawa Interchange via Okinawa Expressway)
○ By bus
The airport limousine bus (B, C, CD Area Route) from Naha Airport, and get off at the nearest bus stop ""Hotel Moon Beach"". Approx. a 65 minute ride. Please check the official website for details of the airport limousine bus service.
○ 車でお越しの方
○ バスでお越しの方
那覇空港より空港リムジンバス(B・C・CDエリア線)に乗車、最寄りバス停「ホテルムーンビーチ」で下車 / 所要時間:約65分 / 空港リムジンバスの詳細は公式サイトをご確認ください。